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You just can't beat a Territory Discoveries holiday!

We are the Northern Territory holiday experts. With our extensive product range, we make more NT product available to you than any other wholesaler - Guaranteed. We have over 2,500 products to offer you including accommodation, touring, car hire, rail, motorhome and special interest products.

Of course, it helps that you receive all the support you'd expect from our dedicated staff as well - whether it's your rep on the road or the team on the other end of the phone, we're here to help you make the sale.

We are your one-stop shop for everything related to the Northern Territory!

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No worries. Complete these forms and return them to us so we can set you up in our system. Be sure to read our terms and conditions within the RCTI form, and if you have any questions, contact one of our NT Experts, or your local Business Development Executive

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Nothing sells like firsthand experience.

Territory Discoveries offers travel agents a famil rate of 15% off our regular rates (land arrangements only, GSR excluded). So why not design your own NT holiday, take your partner, family or friends and find out why we love the territory so much! For more information contact your local Business Development Executive.

About Us

Formerly a Government Business Division of Tourism NT, Territory Discoveries is now operated by the AOT Group, one of Australasia's largest travel companies, under a three year licence agreement with Tourism NT.

Our main objective is to ensure an equitable spread of business for all operators in the NT, from the big guys who have put the NT on the map, to the little guys who make an NT holiday such a personal, enriching encounter. This means you have a much wider range of NT product to offer your clients as a result.

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